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So my husband and I moved to the Vernon area (Lumby specifically) almost two years ago already. I came from the Fraser Valley and I have to say that I never intend on moving back to that area. It is definitely a nice place and has wonderful qualities.... but the OKANAGAN?? Yes please! It is stunningly beautiful here and I am so thankful to live here.

Kobi and I met working together in a brewery and I instantly asked her if she would model for me because I adored her red hair and features. Thankfully I didn't immediately creep her out because she said yes! Score! I told her that we should check out a place I'd never been to called Ellison Provincial Park. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. It has lots of beautiful trails and a pink sand beach. (The sand is super rough though so bring sandals!!) We made a couple of outfit changes behind trees and boulders and ended up getting these stunning photos which I love!!

This little blue camera prop was hanging on a mannequin at a market I went to in the summer. I stopped and checked it out because I thought it was so cool. It didn't have a price tag on it. I kept looking around the tent, this guy had all kinds of cool antique stuff. I came back around to look at it again and he goes: "I'll give it to you for five bucks."


I was so stoked and couldn't wait to use it. I thought Kobi had the perfect classic look for this prop and I love it in these images!